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Hibatchis are some of the most popular types of barbecue available. Their small size makes them suitable for outside areas which don’t have the space for large gas barbecues. In addition, they are popular for camping and picnics. A cast-iron hibatchi offers the same great taste as a regular barbecue with the only disadvantage of being able to cook less food at a time.A cast-iron brazier uses charcoal has its fuel source. Most hibatchis have two areas for holding coals, so it’s easy to cook a variety of food and keep it warm. The multi-level grilling surfaces allow you to cook the food at almost any temperature — if you need a lot of heat, simply lower the grill, and if you need less heat simply position it at the top.Hibatchis are great for outdoor cooking almost anywhere. They can be used on the patio, on a terrace, at a camping site, or in your back garden. Since they are small, the fire is easily contained, and the open flames only last for a few minutes until the charcoal has ignited.Still, a certain amount of caution has to be used when cooking on a charcoal hibatchi. Their light weight has the advantage of making them portable, but also the disadvantage of making them easy to overturn. For maximum safety, never use a hibatchi on a flammable surface like a wooden deck.Because of the small size of the cast-iron barbecue, it’s best to cook food in small portions. Hibatchis are great for cooking kebabs and small pieces of meat and vegetables. Many charcoal hibatchis have fans on the underside of the fire pit, allowing you to adjust the airflow to the coals. As with any barbecue cookout, you need to watch the food as it is cooking on a hibatchi because the fire can quickly flare up and burn your meal.There are several models of hibatchis to choose from, and all are small enough to be easily portable. Even though a cast-iron is a heavy material, it is perfect for a small size barbecue. It holds the heat and provides an even cooking temperature for a great barbecue cookout.