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Buying a pre-owned car can be pretty unsettling unless you know you’re getting your money’s worth and not just buying someone else’s headache. Getting information you can rely on from a trusted provider of vehicle history reports will make this task easier.

A Thorough Report Provides a Wide Variety of Essential Information

Getting a thorough history report means you can be more confident about buying. A report from a reliable source is best choice. Of all the auto auctions, 95% use AutoCheck and it is the official report of the National Automobile Dealers Association (N.A.D.A.) used car guide. You will get a number of things that will help you make a good decision, including information about:

•How the car has been used

•the status of the registration and title

•whether or not the car has been junked or salvaged

•whether there is damage caused by water, fire or hail

•information on the odometer

•whether it has been on the gray market

•whether the car was used as a taxi or fleet vehicle


•whether the car was ever forfeited

•whether the car was ever stolen

•whether the car has an unpaid judgment or a lien on it

•accidents that were reported

•branded titles

Information You Can Trust

Reliable information is an absolute necessity. Accurate reports will include information from a number of trusted sources that meets or exceeds all industry rules, including the federal government’s Drivers Privacy Protection Act. This information is from trusted sources and is backed by Experian, a globally recognized source for accurate facts that help consumers manage their finances successfully and make sound buying decisions. Sources include:

•various state agencies

•consumer protection agencies

•auto auctions

•Departments of Motor Vehicles in all 50 states

•Motor vehicle departments in Canada

•Insurance claim Administrations

•Exclusive frame damage announcement data from auctions

Information that Helps You Shop Wisely

When a vehicle history report is compiled by AutoCheck®, each vehicle is given a Score, which is a number ranging from 1 to 100. This score simplifies the complex meaning of all of the report data and gives you a way to rate a pre-owned car by comparing it to similar models of the same year. The scoring system was developed by experts from Experian, so you can rely on its validity. Using the data from a National Vehicle Database owned by Experian, a used car is compared to other similar year models using an algorithm that was especially developed for this purpose.

Reassurance for the Future

When an auto scores high on the scale, you can purchase with confidence. Taking it a step further, TitleGuard Insurance protection helps you proceed into the future in your used car with peace of mind. You can save up to $50,000 in the case of a transfer issue or title problem. There are no hidden costs, you are protected for as long as you own the car and there is no deductible. Get protection against:

•Transfer of title issues and undisclosed brands

•Rental car costs up to $1000

•Odometer rollbacks

•The need for legal defense

•Shipping costs

•Monetary loss

•Hidden defects

An Affordable Guarantee

Buying with confidence means feeling assured that you will get your money back if there is a problem. With Buyback Protection, you will never be left with a lemon in the unusual case that something was missed in their comprehensive vehicle history report. You are covered for your purchase price and get an entire year of protection if any major title problems arise. This coverage is offered free of charge with every AutoCheck report, so you truly can have peace of mind. Whether you need to check one vehicle or many, you can do so for under thirty dollars. Unlimited reporting up to thirty days, costs only $49.99! To add TitleGuard to your 30 day unlimited Vehicle History Report package, you will only spend $59.99; a small price to pay for all the reassurance you need!

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