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Dog Health: Puppy Vaccination is Important


Riza Humpton

Puppy vaccination is an essential part of maintaining proper health for your dog. Regular immunization will prevent your puppy from getting sick and could avoid diseases. The immune system of a puppy when it\’s born is not yet fully developed and it depens on it\’s mothers milk to get enough antibodies. As a puppy is weaned, these antibodies begin to drop off and it becomes important for a puppy to received the appropriate vaccinations and check-ups to prevent diseases.

What are the Benefits of a Puppy Vaccination?


Diseases that are common in a puppy are Canine Distemper, Parvo Virus, Rabies and Corona virus. To avoid any mishaps and problems in the future, it is recommended that you learn about these diseases. Some of these diseases may affect human through a bite or saliva if not properly taken care of, they may affect the intestinal system as well as cause erratic behavior or they may simply make the puppy very ill and end up with the puppy dying.

Vaccines should be given on a regular basis as they are made to prevent future diseases and infections. Although some puppies may cry when they receive vaccines (even if it affects you badly), you should think of their health. Like humans, once your puppy is vaccinated its immune system will be able to create the required antibodies to fight off infection and disease.

Risks on Puppy Vaccination

Some vaccines can cause unusual behavior, or even introduce illness to the puppy, however the benefits of vaccination far outweigh the risks. It is suggested to take blood samples before vaccination to check how many antibodies the puppy actually has and whether further vaccination is required. Pain and soreness at the place where it was injected might occur after vaccination. Illnesses such as blood disorders, skin issues or neuron problems may also arise.

It is the responsibility of the dog owner to bring their pert to regular check-ups, provide dog\’s exercise routine and maintain dog supplies to keep the puppy\’s health at its best. Owning a pet may need more than cuddling them, it also includes maintenance. Keep your pet healthy, well – groomed and well – trained and try to learn more if you are a first time pet owner. Providing enough dog health and supplies maybe a challenge if you are not much prepared about it. However, if you try to reearch more about taking care of dog and specifically training them you will never be negligent owner.


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