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By gender, career ambitions, such as social economic position,UGG Classic Argyle Knit professional and education level by parents parents expectations, the influence of factors. These factors determine their role in professional behavior, and the influence of personal career choices and career development.Sex. Obviously, the gender is all the factors affect career behavior in the most powerful influence factors. In the past, because of gender discrimination and low degree of education in women’s employment factor. In the 1970s, a study shows that girls than boys in career ambitions are more limited. In general, women in the family education resources can get less than men, if a family education resource is limited, parents often its investment in males, that girl to marry, sooner or later the first woman to be bound for boys, especially rural family education investment enthusiasm by general than women. Also, the family often encourage boy’s career ambitions.

A recent study found that modern women show more and more professional interest in the career ambitions, and also shows the more than male gender role of flexibility. Through the investigation, the female students to work than NanZhong students showed more enthusiasm, but had adolescence, women must face the future career and marriage, family, the conflict between them to maintain low expectations for career, especially the social and economic status, traditionally male-dominated job. The vocational education and parents. The vocational education by parents and the degree of influence is female career ambitions and career choice of important factor. Studies show that children abroad with parents occupation career aspirations. Especially in adolescence, career choice is especially popular with the mother,discount ugg boots the mother of the professional career objectives and ambitions in the daughter in the development of a role model. In a study of female college students in the study found, for working mothers girl, more willing to choose his mother’s life style, rather than his father’s way of life. Relative to the father, mother of professional career status position and female students’ career ambitions of social status is more close relationship. Relevant researchers confirmed by education degree of mother strongly influenced by his daughter’s career choice, the career ambitions of Chinese female adolescent mothers of education with a positive correlation degree, the higher education degree of mother has higher work with professional ability and the understanding of the related topics. Women education in the revenue from work. Research shows that women accept education, a more likely she was hired. Although less than male female college “, “phenomenon has begun to master of female doctorates more and more, but in reality the equality of men and women did not achieve real. Although engaged in management and professional women work at least trained and their male colleagues education and training of professional development, but their male colleagues than the speed or slower, especially in entering senior management on more than with male colleague in economy, and with “paid” widespread phenomenon. Female, dr female female appear more high degree in employment discrimination, because have educated to increase employment by the Jordan farmar, rather than on academic pursuit of the heart. Women in employment discrimination facing, often leading to women less chance and slower progress. Women feel career choice, if the possibility or feel very early career stagnation, her career ambitions of low, may decide to quit her job and start a family life. Women education level. The higher education degree of female employment opportunities, choose the ability to participate in the competition, the stronger, the higher the career ambitions. Along with the development of society and economy, female ego enhancement, they are out of the family, society, women education in vocational and technical education, also more and more women with their social status, and the economic benefit of their professional development, more show unstoppable trend. The social and economic status of family. Foreign related research found that social economic status on professional choice. May Bikos (2000) pointed out and the social economic status and family relationship exists between the career ambitions. In the social and economic status of the family, the high children prefer more academic and professional jobs. Herr and Cramer (1996), social economic status, and pointed out the influence on work, work experience and professional information such as types, these are the influence of career interests. Research shows that the students with their career ambitions of social economic status, and positively correlated with the parents often by education.ugg nightfall black Trusty (2002), low social status caused low or no known expectations. And the middle class and higher than the lower strata of the individual, the obstacles faced with more individual, limiting their ambitions.

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Author: Dai Roy